Sunday, March 6, 2011

My Son: Part 2

My son is passionate. That's a nice way of saying that he is obsessive. First of all, he has a memory of an elephant. And it's always the most random things he remembers. Stuff that I would never have remembered, if he wouldn't have brought it up. Here's an example: Back in October we went to a Champps restaurant to see a friend's band play, and took Jackson with us. We frequent Champps often, but usually go to a different one, a little closer to home. Since it was near Halloween, there were two fake spiders on the wall near the entrance. Well, last week, we went back to that same Champps to go to a retirement party. Jackson recognized it as the Champps with the two spiders and the entire party he was asking about them. (I mean the ENTIRE party!) Also, regarding this party and obsessing, when we were leaving the house to go to the party, I told him that we were going to go see some of Daddy's rocket ship friends. (since it was a work party) Well, the entire way there he talked about going to see a rocket ship. He was counting down to blastoff and telling me all about how it flies in the air and goes into space. He had to bring his play rocket ship with us. I kept telling him that we were going to see his rocket ship friends, and not an actual rocket ship, but with his obsessive ways, he just didn't hear me. Needless to say, he was very disappointed when we got there, only to find a bunch of people....and no rocket ships in sight.

His passion certainly isn't limited to restaurants though. It creeps in every aspect of his life. He is either
super passionate about not doing something, like eating and sleeping. Or super passionate about doing something, like playing basketball or playing with airplanes. I read an article recently about toddlers and tantrums. About the science behind a toddler's tantrums, and why, it's physically impossible for them to rationalize things. The article said that the typical toddler tantrum will last about 3 minutes, if left alone. (i.e. not interrogating them and making it worse or giving in to their wants) My son's tantrums typically last anywhere from 30-45 minutes. No joke. That's 30 minutes of me completely ignoring his behavior and him still screaming, crying and throwing himself on the floor. I'm certain his last so much longer because of his "passion" and incredibly strong will. I'm also certain that his passion will serve him well in life, as an adult. Anyone who knows his dad, knows where he gets this passionate side from. And anyone who knows me, knows that it's not from me! I can be passionate about certain things, usually pertaining to some sort of creative or artistic things, but for the most part, I let stuff go easily and don't dwell on the small (and sometimes big) things. I'll bitch or write about it, sometimes even cry about it, and then I'm over it.

I have to say, though, a passionate two year old, and a hormonally charged pregnant mommy can be a bad combination. That has, by far, been the most challenging part of this pregnancy. Not the nausea, acne, growing belly, or random body pains, but managing my passionate toddler, while, myself,
feeling like a passionate toddler. When he breaks down, I want to break down right next to him. Throw myself on the floor and kick and scream and cry! Some days I really wonder how I will make it until tomorrow. But sleep almost always does wonders for me, and I wake up the next day somehow ready to start all over again.

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  1. hang in there mama! i've always said the hardest part about pregnancy is the other kids! the same applies to having a new baby... the new baby is a piece of cake, the toddler is usually the problem! hope things get a little easier soon :) no reason he can't have that tantrum in his room! i tell them i don't want to hear it!