Wednesday, March 2, 2011

An update on my updates

You know, earlier today, when I posted about being a cleaning slacker, grounding myself from sewing until I cleaned my kitchen? Well, I'm proud to update everyone that my kitchen now looks like this:
Therefore, my pile of squares went from this:
To this: (See the "X"s on them?)
They are all arranged and now I have the fun part of sewing them together and the not-so-fun-but-ends-up-looking-cute-part of snipping all of the seams to give it that "ragged" look.

And you know when I said that I'm not having any cravings right now? Well that was before
these bunnies came into my life. They called my name at the grocery store around 5:00 this afternoon and as of 10:55 p.m. I've eaten all but 3 2 of them.....

And finally, you know how I've been spending my time lately? Screening maternity shirts for an internet birth board? Well, a lot of the ladies received their shirts today and they absolutely LOVE them! That makes me really happy. For one, I always want people to love what I make.
They work hard for their money, and buy my stuff, and I work hard to make quality stuff for them. But also, they are totally bragging about them to the entire birth board (6 thousand some members) and that's bringing me even more orders!

All in all, it's been a good day!


  1. Great news all around! Your kitchen is amazing!

  2. ditto! That's an awesome kitchen:-) Good job!

  3. Thanks! We do love our kitchen. It's what sold us on this house. But it gets used hard and gets dirty quick!