Tuesday, March 1, 2011


When I was pregnant with Jackson, I read tons of books and had a good friend who was about the same amount of pregnant as me that I saw on a regular basis. I got most of my information from those books and got my "is this happening to you too" fix from my friend. This time around, I stumbled on a website that has birth boards. You sign up to be on any variety of boards, but most specifically, one that has pregnant women due the same month as you. It's been a fun distraction for me. I've met some "friends" on there already, and have a pretty good idea who the crazies are. For the most part, I find it highly entertaining and take it for what it really is: A group of thousands of hormonal pregnant ladies who all have a different idea for what the "right" pregnancy should be. There have been heartbreaking stories of women losing their babies already, or finding out they have cancer. And heartwarming stories of women trying to conceive for years and it finally happens, or unexpected twins. As crazy at it can be at times, I still go back almost every day and check to see what the ladies are up to.

Well, back in the beginning of January, I came across a post of ladies looking for fun novelty maternity tees. Given that screening shirts is one of my crafts on my etsy
site, I piped in. About a month later, I had an order for over 50 maternity shirts. I've been busy working on them ever since. I had to collect the orders, order the blank shirts from various places (because, or course, not one place had all of the shirts I needed), make the screens, screen the shirts, heat set the shirts, make brochures for my site, then package up all of the shirts and ship them out. I finally got them all shipped out yesterday! It was a long process, where I barely made any money at all, but I did make a little bit. Enough that I could make a couple shirts for myself (I'm wearing one of them in this post), put gas in my car, and go to Starbucks once or twice. And hopefully I can get some return customers to my site, once these thousands of babies are born! And, let's be honest. It's not like I'm overly busy doing other things right now!


  1. Wow! That's awesome. I had to delete myself from that website because it was making me crazy thinking about all the "what-ifs," bad I know:-) Thanks also for your insight on the crib/dresser and bottles!!

  2. I know! It can get really bad on there, but I'm not an alarmist and am pretty good at just brushing stuff off as other crazy people dealing with their own crazy issues. ;)