Friday, February 26, 2010

Babies Everywhere!

There is a group of moms that all had their babies within a couple months of me. We've been having playdates since the kids were about 6 months old. It's great to get together as mothers and have our kids play together too. I hosted the playdate today. What fun! Today there were 11 kiddos, ranging in ages 22 months to 4 months old, and 8 moms. Let the sanitizing begin! The most amazing part of getting together with these moms is how many are pregnant, or have already had babies since our first babies were born. I have one other friend in this group that either isn't pregnant or hasn't had a baby within the last 6 months. It must the my age and the people I choose to hang out with, but it just seems like so many! I went to a girls night on Saturday and found out 2 of my friends were pregnant. I already knew 3 of the girls there that were pregnant. Then at the playdate today, I found out 2 more were pregnant. Holy Babies Everywhere!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What's the #1 reason for divorce?

Marriage! I heard someone say that on the radio today. Although it's funny because it's true, it got me thinking about a conversation I had with a friend the other day, while we were both watching Tiger Woods spill his little heart out (or whatever that was) during his press conference. Why do so many people cheat? I've never cheated on my husband and my husband has never cheated on me. I think most people (cheaters or not) agree that it's certainly NOT a morally or socially acceptable thing to do, yet more than 50% of people do it. That's a lot! I genuinely think that most people don't walk down the aisle with the idea that they are going to cheat, so what goes wrong? At what point does someone make it okay in their heads to go ahead and cheat? Is it that they should have never gotten married in the first place? Or maybe that humans, as a species, aren't "programmed" to stay with one person forever and those that do stay together forever are either fighting it tooth and nail, or are extraordinarily lucky? I hope I'm one of the extraordinarily lucky ones!


Jackson LOVES basketball, (or "baketball" as he calls it). I mean, he really loves it. It's the first thing he talks about in the morning, the last thing he talks about before he goes to bed, and he talks about it non stop all day long. So, we got tickets to the Nuggets game on Friday night and I found an old "Jackson" Nuggets jersey on Amazon. This is the first basketball game he's ever been should be great!

Monday, February 22, 2010

first timer....

With all the time I spend on my computer you would think I would have at least blogged before, but no.....this is my first time!