Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Girl or Boy?

On the eve of the big reveal, I thought it would be fun to steal a post from a fellow blogger and talk about all of the old wives tales about gender prediction. I'd like to say that I really do think it's all a load of crap, but it's fun. I'll compare my pregnancy with Jackson with this one as I go. (in italics underneath)

High or Low Belly:
I'm carrying high this time = Girl
I carried low with Jackson

Morning Sickness:
Definitely reared it's ugly head =
No morning sickness with Jackson

Pendulum Test: Round and round = Girl
I never did this test with Jackson

Baby's Heart rate: It was166 at my doctor's appointment and has been over 155 every appointment before = Girl
It was always in the 130s and 140s with Jackson

Chinese Gender Predictor: Every site I've been to about this has led me to saying = Girl
It always said girl with Jackson too

Adult Acne: It's SOOOOO bad and SOOOOO gross. It's on my face a little but really bad on my arms, chest and back. = Girl
I was really broken out with Jackson too, but it stayed away from my face

Sweets vs. Salts: Mostly salty cravings = Boy
I craved sweets with Jackson

Soft or Dry Hands: They are dry right now. They are always dry. = Boy
Again, my hands are always dry, and they were with Jackson

Penny test: It didn't stick to the wall for even a second = Boy
I didn't do this test with Jackson

Face Weight Gain: not yet = Boy
I eventually gained some face weight with Jackson at the very end.

Graceful or Clumsy: I would never call myself graceful, but I'm no clumsier than before so = Girl
I wasn't clumsy with Jackson either

Mood Changes:
Big time = Girl
Other than an occasional freak out, I wasn't very moody with Jackson

Mayan Numbers: I had to Google this one to find out how I stood. = Boy
It said boy with Jackson too

Dreams: No dreams about gender yet

I don't remember any gender dreams with Jackson

Mother's Intuition: Girl

Father's Intuition: He won't answer this, but he's hoping for a girl

Jackson's intuition: Sometimes he says girl, sometimes he says boy, but he mostly "NO!" when asked what the baby is!

So, if all of these old wives tales are true, the score is
Girl = 9
Boy = 5

In 12 hours there won't be any more guesses!