Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Petting cute puppies, rehab

I'm talking about sex Mom and Dad! Stop reading now!
Jesse James went to sex rehab. I wonder if he went to the same place Tiger Woods did....? So, honestly, who isn't a sex addict? Who doesn't like that "new sex" feeling. (I wonder if they have that smell in those little Christmas tree air fresheners?) Learning and exploring someone else and their body, it's great, right? The problem is, these guys are married. They already decided to have old sex with one person for the rest of their lives. So what does that make them? In my opinion, it just makes them horny, like every other guy in the world, except these guys are unable to control their urges. And unlike every other guy in the world, they are famous and have girls throwing themselves at them. I can honestly see how that would be difficult to resist. SO DON'T GET MARRIED! Just live the bachelor life and screw whoever you want whenever you want. What if they had rehab for every pleasurable thing? I think I'd be in "ice cream eating" rehab by now. I know, how about a "petting cute puppies" rehab?! Or maybe, "winning the lottery" rehab? There's always the selfless pleasurable things we can get addicted to also like "helping old ladies cross the street" rehab, and "volunteering at soup kitchens" rehab. Here we go! I'm going to go to "hearing my baby belly laugh" rehab! That really makes me happy!


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