Monday, March 29, 2010

Top 10, okay, 12 things I hate

My blog, which was originally intended to be focused on the trials and tribulations as well as the great aspects of being a mommy, seems to have morphed into a means of bitching. But I'm okay with that. It's fun to bitch! And it makes for way better posts than being serious all the time, so this one is all about stuff I hate. If you are in a bad mood, I suggest you stop reading now, cause it's about to get worse!

12) When people stop walking, right in front of you. The same applies to large groups, all walking side-by-side, slowly, so you can't go around. MOVE!!!
11) When people don't give you the "wave" when you let them into traffic. My response is always the same. I wave really big and yell "thanks for the wave....D-Bag!"
10) When people don't hold the door for you, especially when they can see you struggling with a stroller/baby/shopping bags....whatever!
9) When people don't return your call within a timely manner. I know your busy, but I made the time for make time for me!
8) When people talk during movies. If you want to talk, go to Starbucks.
7) When people interrupt me. I'll admit, I interrupt all the time. It's something I'm really bad at. But I genuinely believe that what I have to say is more important than what you have to say!
6) When stupid people prolong a class by continuing to asking questions, especially when their questions are very specific to their particular situation. Ask it during the break...dumbass. (And, BTW, there is no such thing as a stupid question....just stupid people who ask questions)
5) Loud typers. You don't have to pound the keyboard to get the words to come up on the computer. And it doesn't show how strong you are, muscle man! A simple touch will suffice!
4) People who talk excessively loud on the phone, especially in public. I don't give a shit about your sister's yeast infection....shut it!
3) People who use the bike lane as a turn lane. It's illegal and dangerous! Stop doing it!
2) People who use poor grammar. Sorry, but you sound dumb.
1) When people chew loud. I mean really! How hard is it to close your giant mouth?!

Oh, and's a lot (2 words) and tomorrow (not tomarrow)....learn it!

Anyone notice what all of these things have in common?


  1. Re: Grammar... Do not end your sentence with a preposition in a post in which you bitch about poor grammer. (Michele Wrote: Something I'm bad at.")

  2. And remind me to never complain about spelling in one of my blogs..because I am a moron when it comes to spelling.

  3. Ryan, I do know the rule about ending a sentence in a preposition, however I think it's a dumb rule and don't follow it. The kind of poor grammar I'm talking about is double negatives, using the word ain't, more obvious stuff like that. As far as spelling goes, I'm a terrible speller. That's why I use spell check. Don't people who spell tomorrow "tomarrow" think it's strange that it's always red and underlined?

  4. It's actually not a rule any more! It was changed by the Modern Language Association in 1999. =) (I know this because I was in a "History of the English Language" course when the conference happened... my professor was seriously stoked).

    I nearly spit out my tea over the loud phone conversations note.

  5. I thought the red lines were to cheer me up. Sometimes there is even red AND green lines, but I think that is just at Christmas time. I am with you on the preposition they really expect people to say "That is something at which I am not good"? That would just be moronic. I just like being an ass sometimes. It is something I'm never not good at.

  6. Ryan, I know you are just messin with me. You ain't no ass.