Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Crescent Roll Dance

Last night for dinner, we had a Yankee Pot Roast, and Pillsbury Crescent Rolls. We were supposed to have the crescent rolls with our rotisserie chicken tonight, but we just couldn't help ourselves. So, today, when I went to Sam's (which was eerily empty, for some reason....when is Sam's ever empty?) to get the chicken, I stopped and got a 4 pack of crescent rolls so we can still have some for tonight's dinner. (and some for future dinners too) Jackson was walking beside me. I didn't get a cart, because I was only grabbing a couple things, and he's usually really good about walking beside me. So I got the rolls and Jackson saw a picture of a crescent roll on the package and wanted to eat one. I mean, really wanted to eat one. I tried explaining to him that it was just a picture of a crescent roll and he couldn't actually eat it, but that just made him more mad.

I just have to stop for a minute and explain the crescent roll dance that happens at our house every time we make them. Whenever I make them, Eric says "don't burn them". I never burn them. I don't know where he gets this burnt roll paranoia from, but I never burn them. When they finally come out of the oven, we both start scrutinizing them up, taking the "best" ones first. About halfway through our meal, there is always, always, a "how many have you had" conversation. Usually, Eric has already had his share of the rolls and wants to know if I really am going to finish my half. The answer to this question is always yes. I don't care how much I've already eaten, there is always room for that buttery, flakey goodness. Sometimes there is bartering with the crescent rolls. (You can have the rest of the ice cream if I can have the last crescent roll) So, naturally, you can understand where Jackson gets his adoration for crescent rolls.

So anyway, there we are, at Sam's, with Jackson throwing a full on, deathcon 5 tantrum in the middle of the aisle. I couldn't even pick him up, because I had a hot rotisserie chicken and 4 tubes of rolls in my hands. So, I did what every good mother would do, I walked away from my screaming 1 year old and said "Bye Jackson....I'm leaving now". By now, people have stopped shopping and are now staring at us. Jackson was NOT okay with me leaving him at Sam's forever, so he begrudgingly got up off the floor and followed about 10 feet behind me, screaming at the top of his lungs with every step. He started coming around by the time we checked out and we had a wonderful dinner of rotisserie chicken, wild rice, broccoli and crescent rolls. We all ate until we almost burst. Looking back at the incident at Sam's though, can you really blame him for wanting a roll right then and there? REALLY? I mean, who doesn't like Pillsbury Crescent Rolls?

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