Monday, March 22, 2010

Big Gulp on Steriods

Denver weather is so crazy. On Thursday, I took the boys to the park without coats on. On Friday we got about a foot of snow. Saturday it was really sunny, but pretty chilly still, and Sunday it was gorgeous and warm again. So yesterday, Sunday, after Jackson woke up from his nap, I decided to take him to the outlet mall in Castle Rock. This is an outside mall and is great on days like yesterday. Apparently, everyone else thought it would be a great idea to go too, because it was packed! I took Jackson's stroller and packed him a crustable PB&J and we were off. When we got there I did a little shopping then went to the food court to get a bite to eat. I decided the gyro/cheesesteak place was the winner and ordered a chicken gyro. My drink choices were small or large. Neither of those fit the description of my current thirst level, but it's better to have extra pop, than not enough, and besides, I can always use the extra pop to bribe Jackson later in the day, so I decided to get the large. It was only $.20 more. Then, they handed it to me. Holy crap! This thing is like a big gulp on steroids! No way this thing is fitting in my cup holder in the stroller. As I'm waiting for my gyro to be finished Jackson starts throwing a fit in his stroller. "All Done! Walk!" he keeps saying, meaning, he's done with his sandwich and wants to get out and walk. That's not really an option right now, so....too bad. Well, the older man in line behind me feels that he knows my kid better than I do and starts to make suggestions on how I could calm him down. "He wants you to turn him around so he's not facing the wall. Kids need visual stimulation and he wants to look at the people, not the wall." I look at the guy and say "No, he wants to get out of the stroller and run around!" Aaaand, here's my gyro....thank God! So I put in on my tray along with my big gulp on steroids and balance it on my arm while pushing the stroller with the other hand. (Sound like a familiar story?) Then, this same meddling guy walks up to me, grabs my drink off my tray, WITH HIS BARE HANDS and says "You really should move this drink closer to you so you can balance it better!" WHAAAA? Did you really just touch my drink? REALLY??!! I grabbed the drink out of his hands and said "I've got it, really!" Jeesh! The bright side? I got this adorable scarf at the J Crew outlet for 30% off!

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