Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Shenanigans I tell you!!

I DECLARE SHENANIGANS ON KING SOOPERS! Get this. I run into King Soopers today after work. (For my Ohio readers, King Soopers is Krogers out here. Just a different name) All I need to get is 2 boxes of wild rice for dinner tonight. As soon as I walk in there is a HUGE display of grapes. Grapes of all colors and sizes. Above these delicious looking grapes were three signs that all read "Grapes 10 lbs for $10" I grab a couple pounds of red grapes, go directly to the aisle with rice, which is right by the self checkout, grab 2 boxes of rice and go directly to the U-Scan. My shopping trip lasted absolutely NO more than two minutes. I scan my grapes and they ring up for full price, $3.89 per pound. I tell the cashier that they rang up wrong and as I'm doing that, someone else says that their grapes rang up the wrong price too. She calls for a price check and we both tell her to just look at the display, which is about 10 feet from where we are standing. All three of us go and look at the grape display. There are all of the delicious looking grapes, but the signs are gone. The cashier walks the ten feet over to the grapes and asks the produce guy about it. He says that they just changed the price. Really?! You changed the price in the last two minutes?! Yes. Really. She asked if I still wanted the grapes. I told her not unless they are $1 a pound. She said they aren't, so I gave her back the grapes. As did the other customer trying to buy them. I can't believe that they wouldn't honor their sign. To me, that's a total bait and switch and is really unethical. It's not even about the few extra dollars. It's about them changing their price in the middle of a heavy shopping time and then not honoring the sale price. Shenanigans!


  1. hey! i was wondering, how do you get your blog to automatically post a status update every time you make a new post? i cannot figure out to do it!

  2. Hey. It doesn't do it automatically. I go to "share" at the top of my blog and tell it to share with facebook every time I post a new blog.