Monday, July 26, 2010

7 miles farther than the middle of nowhere....

My weekend? Friday = I don't wanna talk about it...... Saturday was much better. We went to a model rocket launch put on by the ULA and Ball summer interns. To get there, we drove about an hour and a half to the middle of nowhere, then turned right on a dirt road and drove 7 miles farther. Apparently, 7 miles farther than the middle of nowhere, you have enough room to set off 25 foot model rockets. It was pretty sweet though and Jackson loved it too. I got SO sunburned.....OUCH! On the way home, Eric and I started noticing some of the homes and all the land that they have. We both started day dreaming about how nice it would be to actually have some land. The reality is that we could have a house as big as ours now, on several acres for LESS than our current house. The catch is that we would be about a half hour away from civilization. We'll have to think about that one....

That night was a neighbor's birthday party. The whole family went and Jackson made it till about 9:00 before Eric took him home to bed. I spent the next 2 hours at the party, talking to my neighbor's 80 something year old mother. You would think that would be boring, but, in fact, it was one of the best conversations I've had with anyone in a while. Not too many people can keep up with me and my chatting, but she was definitely my equal. We talked about everything from having children, to the brain tumor she had removed in her 30's, to our dogs. She is a sweet, lively lady from North Dakota!

Sunday was a typical Sunday for me. I spent the day cleaning. I organized Jackson's nursery, since he isn't in it anymore. It was a little sad to pack up some of those baby things that he can't use anymore. Empty nurseries are a little creepy. Christopher sleeps in there, so it's used, but it's definitely lacking that "lived in" quality. But, onward and upward. I moved some of the things he does still use to his big boy camping room. Eric and I worked in the garage too. It needed some serious organizing, so we finally got that done.

I got my wax kit that I ordered in the mail this weekend, so after dinner and a couple beers, I decided to give that a go. That, is an entirely different blog though!

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