Tuesday, July 6, 2010

explosive weekend

Our 3 day weekend started out with a bang. Well, an explosion anyway. Eric had food poisoning and exploded all over the bathroom. In every way. Everywhere. I wouldn't even go in there. If I even see vomit it will make me throw up. I wouldn't sleep with him, for fear that I'd get some on me. So, I slept on the couch in the basement all weekend and avoided touching him during the day. I spent the entire weekend sewing. I made little girls dresses and a dress for myself.

The weather was great on Saturday, then on Sunday, the 4th, it was in the 60s and rainy. No fireworks. No going outside. At least the dessert was delicious!
Fortunately, Mondays weather was good again and we got to spend a little time outside and see a few fireworks.

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  1. if I had a little girl, I would totally buy that dress! I do have a friend expecting twin girls...I may have to hire you!