Thursday, July 22, 2010

Random Stream of Thoughts....

I woke up this morning. Thursday morning. The last time I left the house was Monday. I need to get out more. I have been outside. I went for a walk yesterday. I've been in the yard to play with Jackson, but I don't really consider that "leaving the house". So, I gave myself a commute, again. I loaded the boys in the car and drove through Starbucks drive thru. I filled the car up with gas. I returned our library books. I did everything I could think to do that didn't involve getting in and out of the car. There was a time when they were both doing their high pitched squealey scream thing they do. I turned the volume up on the radio, took a big drink of my tall decaf java chip frap and imagined I was in Hawaii.

Eric has softball tonight. His game is at 9:00. He isn't coming home before the game, so that means I'm on my own with Jack all night. Maybe we will go out to eat? On Daddy's tab? I have no plans for the weekend either. I was originally going to go to a Canvas and Cocktails class on Sunday, but they were sold out, so I rescheduled it for August 13. Anyone want to go out Friday night?

I wish I got paid to blog. That way I'd be making money right now.... Just sayin'.


  1. i do the same stuff when i'm getting stir crazy. load all the kids in the van, run to a drive thru getting them dinner and me an iced coffee of some sort, then all the errands that don't require taking them in! it's amazing what constitutes a social life these days :)

  2. If you decide to walk to boys to Paintbrush Park, I'll meet you there! :) We give Ben and Jerry a walk or two on the weekends.

    Also, Sat and Sunday is the Colorado Dragon Boat Festival...we're probably going to cheer on the team, so if you want to come with, it'll be fun!

  3. Are you not on the team this year Kat? I think we are actually going to go to that rocket launch thing that the interns put on at the Smiths on Saturday. I'll call you if we go to the park!