Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I'm bored....

Some more from the book:

July 20, 2010

Oh My God I’m Bored! I woke up early today. I went to bed a little early last night, with a headache, so I set my alarm for an earlier time this morning, thinking that I would be just as rested as most days. My alarm went off and I was rather tired still, but there was a thunderstorm outside making it difficult to sleep anyway, so I went ahead and got up. I made my coffee to try to kick my headache (which was even worse by now), checked my email and listened to some music. I eventually got ready and was feeling pretty darn good. Not too tired. I still had my headache, but was showered, rested and ready to start my day on time. About an hour later I started feeling really dizzy. I have a HARMLESS heart issue where my heart will beat fast and skip beats. Caffeine can trigger this. Especially caffeine on an empty stomach. Usually this feeling just goes away on it’s own, but today it wasn’t going away. I even went as far as texting Eric asking him to call me in about 20 minutes to make sure I wasn’t dead, while I went upstairs to make some toast. The toast worked and I felt better, but it did force me to sit down for a while, where I might usually be running around. This is when the boredom set in. There’s only so much Sesame Street and Toy Story I can watch. The problem with being bored and watching two toddlers is that there is very little I can do while watching them that entertains me. I would typically get on Facebook and chat with someone or at least text, but I’m running out of my texts for the month and Facebook is off limits still. So,

I call my mom.

I check my email.

I play Words with Friends.

I play Chess with Friends

I check my email.

I read my favorite blogs.

I ping my sister.

I check my etsy account.

I check my email

I text my friends.

I make sure no one posted a new blog.

I clean up the play room.

I check my email.

I do the dishes.

I blog about something stupid and random.

I listen to music.

I order a “do it yourself Brazilian wax kit” online.

I ping my sister and tell her I just ordered a “do it yourself Brazilian wax kit”

I text Eric and tell him he is my official wax ripper offer, because I don’t think I can do it myself.

I check my email.

I check to see if anyone has read my blog.

I google “tips on giving yourself a Brazilian wax”

I check my email.

I have a dance party with the boys.

I get caught dancing by Christopher’s dad to “Hollaback Girl” when he comes to pick Christopher up.

I check my email.

I meet Eric at Kohl’s to get him a new wedding band because he lost his at the zoo two months ago.

I eat dinner.

I check my email.

You see where I’m going with this. Now it’s 9:00 at night and the dishes are done. Jackson is sleeping. The house is clean. And I definitely don’t have any new emails to read. Most people would look at this as a time to just relax and enjoy, but not me. I have no interest in sitting and watching tv. THAT’S ALL I DO! Sure, there is plenty that I could be doing right now, but that’s all boring stuff. I want to do something fun!

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  1. I work away from home during the week, spending about 3 nights in Austin before going home to San Antonio on the weekends. I have been trying to figure out how to spend my time. I know I should probably take some online classes but am NOT motivated to do that yet, if ever. I love reading when I have a good book. I have really enjoyed exerting myself with heavy exercise recently, like running. When I am home we don't even have a TV in our house. We def rely on the internet. We love netflix but I'm not always interested in watching that either. I love moving around a lot (it keeps things interesting) but I also want to take advantage of my time by doing something fun and/or productive. Ahh…. Breaking the mold.

    ~Kimberly Lutz Spires