Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I've never hoped for anyone to have turrets. It looks totally horrible and miserable for everyone involved. I saw this documentary on MTV about it. But, there is this guy that works at Blockbuster by my house, and I kinda hope he has it. Because if he doesn't, that means that he has control over the things he says and does. It's really quite embarrassing for him. People waiting in line will let other people go in front of them, to avoid having him check them out. I mean, it's just painful, and he pulls you in by asking you questions and making you play his game. And I'm not trying to make fun of him. Really. I really do feel sorry for him, and for his co-workers, I'm just genuinely wondering if he does it on purpose or not. The most awkward thing he says is "right". But he doesn't just say "right", he says it really loud and really high, almost, opera like. And pronounces it "Rawght". And says it after every sentence. And sometimes in the middle of sentences. He also does and says lots of other weird and awkward things that can't really be explained in a blog. Last time I got a movie there, his cell phone rang and he answered it "is it time to take my pills yet?" and then immediately hung up. The other girl working there rolled her eyes at him and said "You can't do that!". I wonder if it was all a part of his attention seeking act, or if it really was time to take his pills.........

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