Wednesday, July 20, 2011

37 Weeks

Full term today!  And I made it just fine through my conference this weekend.  It was actually kinda nice to have an excuse to sit for hours at a time.  I also had a doctor's appointment today.  She checked me and I'm now 2 cm dilated and the baby is all the way down.  She also informed me that she has to go out of town (again) starting on Tuesday through Sunday.  Which sucks.  I'd have to make it two more weeks to have everything line up "perfectly" i.e. have my sister here to be with Jackson AND have my doctor deliver the baby.  I guess it's possible, and I hope that it happens, but I'm not expecting it.  She has me coming in on Monday to check me one more time before she leaves town.  Before I left, she told me that she will see me Monday or this weekend when I go into labor, and kinda gave me a look.  I corrected her and said she would definitely see me Monday.  She continued with her look and said "we'll see".  

Baby's size: 6 1/3 pounds and a little over 19 inches long, like a stalk of Swiss chard.  Ummmmm....okay.......

Belly size:
About 40 1/2 inches around.  Smaller than last week.  The doctor said that I was measuring smaller than last time too, and it's because he is down in my pelvis.

  I'm mostly craving a clean house, so I'm eating whatever doesn't make a mess to cook and clean up. 

Mood: Mostly just nervous and nesting like a crazy person.  I'm also realizing that no matter how hard I try, I'll never get everything done on my to do list.  And the list is especially long, because I have to make up for weeks   months of being exhausted and slacking on housework. 

Same as last week. I'm still getting those weird front of the leg almost charlie horse things. And LOTS of pain and pressure down low. I think that's the most uncomfortable thing right now. But I'm still getting my typical stuff too, braxton hicks (that are becoming more painful), acid reflux, and back pain.
Go to clothing: It's been hot hot hot around here!  I'm just trying to stay cool.  Dresses and skirts help.  So does staying in the a/c.

Sleep:  Some nights are better than others.  Getting up to pee is the most difficult thing.  I've been managing to make it almost 2 hours at a time most nights.  And when I do get up, it's really painful down low.  The baby's head MUST be pushing on something these days.   

Baby movement:
  He's definitely running out of room and moving a less.  He gets lots of hiccups still though.

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