Monday, July 18, 2011

Number two

I made this little shirt for the baby to wear while we are at the hospital.  
I thought I could take a picture of the baby in it to announce his name and birth to everyone, since no one knows his name yet.  NOT EVEN US! 

Why is this so hard?  We are considering just calling him "number two".  

Coming up with Jackson's name was hard enough, and now we have to do it AGAIN!  Right now, Eric and I are at a name standoff.  He really likes one name and I really like another name.  (Most people I ask prefer my favorite name) 

As recently as yesterday we flipped through the baby name book, trying to find something we both equally like.  A lot of people have told me that we will just know what his name should be when we see him.  Maybe they are right, but I know that wasn't the case with Jackson.  He was born and the doctor said "What's his name?" We thought we'd probably be naming him Jackson but weren't 100% yet.  Even after seeing him, we weren't completely sold that he looked like a Jackson.  To me, he looked like some sort of poop covered alien baby with baggy skin and chicken legs.  (He was very skinny)  It wasn't until later that he grew into the name Jackson.  

Hopefully we still have a few weeks to figure this out!

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