Monday, July 11, 2011

Mother of the year

And the mother of the year award goes to....ME! But in the sarcastic, you're-actually-being-a-shitty-mom sort of way. This past weekend, I worked on a special order quilt for someone. From Friday around 1:00 pm until about 10:00 pm Sunday night, all I did was sew, eat and sleep. And guess what? I'm still not finished with it! (I'm getting close though and it does look good) Here's the problem with sewing. I can't do it with Jackson around. I just can't. He pulls on my arm and wants to "help" and gets super duper needy about every little thing. So, Eric was in charge of entertaining him all weekend, which he did. He does a good job of entertaining him. What he's not so good at is cleaning up the entertainment. So, when I woke up this morning and took a look around our house, I realized that it was dirtier and grosser than it had been in a long time. If ever.

Perhaps this was brought on by typical end-of-pregnancy nesting, but it HAD to be cleaned. Like, right then. Like, I didn't even change myself or Jackson out of our pajamas first and just started cleaning. Except it wasn't normal person cleaning, it was crazy woman cleaning. And I put Jackson in front of the TV or computer the whole time and fed him blueberry muffins for breakfast and a lunchable for lunch.
Note: Diego on the computer, pj's still on and the lunchable. (He actually said "but we aren't at the pool" when I gave him the lunchable. That's usually the only time he gets one)

In my defense though, I did actually make the blueberry muffins for him this morning. From a "just add water" mix, of course.

My crazy person cleaning looked a little something like this:

1) Start cleaning the family room, then realize that the dining room should probably come first so we can eat at the table later.

2) Move on to the dining room. While cleaning the pile where I dumped out my purse looking for something this weekend, I realize that I'm cleaning rather frantically and wonder if it's because I'm nesting and I'm actually going to go into labor soon. Then the thoughts of "what if I'm about to go into labor" go through my head and the first thing I think of is "but the sheets in the guest room aren't clean. Where would Jackson's babysitter sleep?"

3) So I stop cleaning the dining room and go into the guest room, rip the sheets and pillow cases off the bed and take them upstairs to the laundry room.

4) While I'm up there I see the basket of clean, but unfolded dish towels, dish rags and cloth napkins that still need to be folded and put away.

5) So I take the basket of towels downstairs to fold them, only to realize that I have no clean surface to fold them on.

6) So I put the basket down and continue to clean off the dining room table.

7) Then I text my sister.

All of this happened in the span of about ten minutes. But after about three hours of this frantic cleaning, the main floor is (mostly) clean. The guest room sheets are clean and on the bed, and all I have to do is the main floor floors, which shouldn't be too hard (thanks to my Bissell steam and sweep), but I can't do that until I put Jackson to bed. (again, he likes to "help", which is really more of a pain than it's worth. I like that he likes to help, and I like to help him help, but some things are just better left for me to do alone)

Maybe you are wondering why on Earth I'm blogging instead of cleaning right now? Well, after a few hours of vigorous cleaning, I'm hurting. Hurting in an area that I can only imagine to be my cervix. Or maybe my inner pelvis? I'm not very good at anatomy. So, now I'm sitting. And eating Chunky Monkey ice cream. And blogging.

But, I'm still left with a very messy master bed and bath, and messy basement. I'm hoping to get it all done during the day today though, so that I can focus on some of the other important projects looming, once Jackson goes to bed tonight (like the 90% finished quilt). It's not like I'm trying to make my house spotless or anything. Just not embarrassing. I'm really feeling like I can't get anything else done until it's not embarrassing. Oh, and I should probably clean out the fridge too. And change the sheets in Jackson's room. And while I'm changing sheets, I should probably go ahead and get that waterproof mattress pad put on our bed, just in case my water breaks in bed.


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  1. Is it bad that I could totally follow your train of thought? I have been feeling the same way lately. The nesting and cleaning instincts right now are BAD, and my husband doesn't seem to share in the feeling all the time.

    I love your posts - they always make me smile!