Thursday, July 7, 2011

Quick update

Just a quick update on my doctor's appointment today. I'm dilated to not quite 1 cm, which isn't too much more than last week, and I'm about 50% effaced. (I had to ask her what that meant again. It means that my cervix is about half as thick) Also, apparently I was mistaken last week. The baby isn't actually engaged in my pelvis, but is just really low. She told me not to go into labor while she was gone and to not do anything too crazy (whatever that means). I really really hope I make it at least 3 more weeks though. She is faxing my info to her back up OB though, just in case. She did say that I can go to the blogging conference in Colorado Springs next week, which is about an hour away. As long as I don't have any leaking or unusual (unusual for me, that is) contractions. If I do go into labor, she told me to go to an ER in the Springs and not try to make it back home, given that I went fast last time, there really aren't any hospitals between here and there, and I'm traveling alone. Also, my group B strep test came back negative. Woo Hoo!

The past couple days I've had lots of pain in my low pelvis. Like a whole bunch. Like, I can't even walk for more than a minute or two. This is going to be an interesting few weeks here! Nothing is going to surprise me at this point. I could go into labor tonight or I could have to be induced in a few weeks. I can tell you though that I never had this amount of discomfort with Jackson. Not even at the very end. Well, except for when I was in labor, of course. It sure would be nice to make it until my sister gets here at 38 weeks though. I'd have someone to take care of Jackson, and I'd know for sure that the baby is good and cooked.


  1. i'm so happy for you that you will be able to go to the conference! you need a little getaway before the baby comes :) that pain you are having is probably because the uterus is not as strong after the first baby. you may get a pregnancy belt (since you're so close i'd borrow one if you have a friend who has one!) lay down on your back on your bed when putting it on. it will really help take that pressure off of your pelvis and lower back. glad your appt went well!!

  2. Thanks! I have an SI belt with a maternity option on it. Maybe I'll try that.