Wednesday, June 29, 2011

34 Weeks

I'm big. I'm tired. I'm uncomfortable. I'm hot. And I still have about a month or so to go! I had my 34 week checkup yesterday. She checked me and said that the baby is engaged. (In my pelvis, that is. Not to be married) And I'm dilated about a fingertip, so not even one cm. Which really means nothing right now. I mean, I could walk around for weeks dilated and not go into labor. Or I could be closed up tight and have the baby that same day. I think the biggest indicator will be how I progress. Just to compare though, I was a fingertip dilated and the baby was engaged at 37 weeks with Jackson. The next week I was 1 cm dilated and had him a couple days later. I don't think that I'm a week away from having this baby though. I hope not anyway. He needs to cook a little longer, I have too much to do in the next month, and we still don't have a name! Speaking of comparing pregnancies, remember when I showed you that picture of me, 34 weeks pregnant with Jackson, back when I was only 24 weeks? Well, I think it would only be fair to show me at 34 weeks now versus last time.
Wow, right? I'm so much bigger this time around! With Jackson I really popped the last week of my pregnancy.
This is a picture of me about 3 or 4 days before I had Jackson, at 38 weeks. You can see that I definitely filled out at the last minute. I'm so much fuller there. I guess I still have some room in there, although it doesn't feel like that at all!

My doctor also told me that she is going out of town for two weeks in July. Humph! How dare she? I mean, I know doctors get to go on vacation too, they just can't go on vacation when I need them! I don't even have another appointment scheduled, she is supposed to be calling me to tell me what I should do. My only real concern is that I'm supposed to be attending a blogging conference in two weeks that is out of town. She said she wanted to check me the day before I go and she'll tell me if I should go or not. Now she won't be in town for an entire week before I go. And she is our family practice doctor, so there are no other doctors in her practice that can check me. I can only assume that I'll go to her "backup" doctor at another practice for those couple of weeks.

I have a friend who was due exactly one month before me. She had her baby yesterday. It really hit home that THAT WILL BE ME SOON!!! I'm very anxious about going into labor again. I just keep telling myself that it will be okay. I made it through last time, and I'll make it through this time.

Baby's size:
About 4 3/4 pounds, like a cantaloupe, and is almost 18 inches long. That's how big Jackson was in the hospital.

Belly size:
About 40" around. Same as last week, although I think I'm looking bigger, it's just redistributed.

Cravings: S'mores have sounded so good lately, and I've been making them from time to time. I don't know if it's pregnancy related or just good sense....

Maybe a little more impatient that normal. I'm just so tired. And getting really nervous about going into labor.

Still lots of braxton hicks contractions and lots of acid reflux. I've also been getting these sharp pains really low. Like, almost in my lady business it's so low. The doctor said it's probably because he is engaged in my pelvis, so his head is pushing against stuff. My back was feeling a little better so I stopped going to physical therapy, but now it's starting to act up again. I'll probably try to tough it out, knowing it will get better when the pregnancy is over, unless it gets unbearable again. I also have to pee even more often, now that he is down in my pelvis.

Go to clothing: A lot of my shirts, even the maternity ones, are getting to be too short. I WILL NOT buy more maternity clothes, so I guess I'll just have to have my belly stick out sometimes.

I've been struggling to fall asleep and stay asleep this week. It's really frustrating because I'm SO tired, but can't get comfortable.

Baby movement:
Lots of movement still. When he moves down low it can be kind of painful (and makes me feel like I'm going to pee my pants!) The hiccups have still be frequent too.


  1. Amazing how different your belly's are:-) So cute! My doctor is "out of the clinic" for my weeks 38-39 and I just found out too. I know he needs a vacation but I'm kinda bummed!

  2. If it makes you feel any better, I'm pretty sure my belly is also 40" around and this is just my first!