Wednesday, June 1, 2011

30 Weeks

I went to the doctor today. I'm still measuring right on track, so that's reassuring. No more talk of a giant baby in there! I'm a little surprised though. I feel like I'm not getting any bigger at all, and haven't gained much weight in the last month. (Okay, no weight at all) I'm sure that has something to do with carrying around a giant bowling ball for a belly 24/7.

Baby's size:
About 15.7 inches long and almost 3 pounds, like a head of cabbage.

Belly size:
About 38 1/2" around. A little bigger than last week. I think measuring around my belly isn't too accurate. It just depends on how he is positioned too.

There are things I want now and then, but nothing that I'm always wanting.

Maybe getting a little agitated a little easier, but pretty much just regular ol' me most of the time.

Symptoms: I finally gave in and made an appointment with the physical therapist today. My back has been hurting really bad and although I know the pain will go away in a couple months when I have the baby, I still have to make it those couple of months. I went in today after my doctor's appointment and it does feel better already. She's suggesting coming in twice a week, as long as it's helping.

My contractions are still contracting. My acid reflux is still....fluxing. And I'm still tired. All. The. Time.

I miss being able to bend over.

Go to clothing: Apparently this purple shirt is my go to shirt, since it's what I wore two Wednesdays in a row!

It's not too bad. I miss laying on my belly.

Baby movement:
Lots of jabs and punches. He also seems to be getting the hiccups regularly, which isn't too bothersome, unless I'm trying to sleep.

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  1. I kind of feel like my weight has leveled off too... although I feel like my belly is about to make a big push outwards in the next few weeks...