Friday, June 17, 2011

32 week update

Wednesday was Jackson's third birthday! I didn't have time to snap my usual weekly picture, but here is a full body (kind of) front picture of us getting on the train at the zoo.

Baby's size:
3.75 pounds and 16.7 inches long. About the weight of a large jicama. (who even knows what a large jicama looks like?!)

Belly size:
About 39 1/2" around. About an inch bigger than last week. But I also measured myself on Friday instead of Wednesday.

Cravings: I think I've been too busy to crave anything this past week!

Good. Again, too busy to really think about my mood.

Symptoms: Getting ready for Jackson's third birthday party on Sunday really took a toll on my body. My back, hips and legs were killing me by the end of the weekend. My acid reflux has improved a little though, with the exception of Tuesday night when I thought I was going to be sick all night it was so bad. I'm mostly just really tired all the time. It's frustrating to not be able to do what I can normally do!

Go to clothing: Whatever I can fit into. I found this top at Target and it isn't even maternity, so that was nice!

Sleep has NOT been in issue for me! I'm tired all the time!

Baby movement:
Lots of hiccups and movement, but it seems that the kicks have become a lot more big, rolling kinds of movements. It's always interesting to see my stomach move around and change shapes and it feels even weirder!


  1. The party looks fun! Sounds like lots of good things have been happening.

  2. That is a really cute top! Is it one-shoulder?

  3. Thanks! The party was fun, and yes, it's a one shoulder top. I saw someone (NOT pregnant) the other day wearing it as a dress. That was a little depressing!