Wednesday, June 22, 2011

33 Weeks

Look at me! I'm actually posting my weekly update on the right day! (Mountain time....east coasters and central timers, sorry, it's after midnight!) I'm writing tonight from my new favorite spot in our house, the baby's new glider! It's so comfy and I'm totally in love with it, but that's a whole 'nother post. In the craziness of last week, I also forgot to mention a couple of things the doctor said at my 32 week appointment. She told me that she will start "checking me" (like, checking to see if my cervix is dilated) starting at 34 weeks and is bumping my schedule up two weeks. So stuff I'd normally do at 36 weeks will happen at 34. I think all this means is checking me and weekly exams (instead of bi-weekly) but I'm not entirely sure. I'll let you know. She isn't changing my due date or anything like that. I'm not super excited about the bump in "checks". I don't know about other people, but I find getting checked rather painful. But I get so many contractions on such a regular basis and had such a fast and high stress labor last time, that I think she just wants to keep her finger on the situation (hehe, no pun intended....okay, maybe a little pun intended) to make sure there are no surprises.

I also made a proclamation to my family tonight, and now the inter-web, that for the next six week I will be taking it easy. I've really started feeling third trimestery lately and I think my body is trying to tell me to chill. Just doing the laundry (bending over, squishing the baby, over and over again) gives me lots of contractions, along with the other housework. So I informed my family that there will be more fast food, carry out dinners, grilling and paper plates coming their way. I just can't take care of a three year old (and a 7 month old a couple days a week too) all day long, give Jackson a bath and get him ready for bed by myself, and then clean the house for at least an hour every night like I normally do. By the end of the day, I'm, like, haven't-slept-in-days kind of tired. The house will probably go to crap, the parts that haven't already, that is, but whatever. I'm too tired to really care enough to do something about it.

Oh, and as promised, I added pix to my 31 week update. But here's a little peek, in case you don't want to click on over there.

Baby's size:
A little over 4 pounds and 17 inches, like a pineapple.
I'm starting to wonder how accurate these are, given that Jackson got down to 4 pounds, 10 ounces in the hospital and was only 18 inches when he was born. Only time will tell if this little one is small like his "big" brother.

Belly size:
About 40" around. About a half inch bigger than last week.

Cravings: Last night I just had to have jamoca almond fudge 31 below from Baskin Robbins. So I went and got one. And it was soooooo good!

Eh, mood is fine. My freaking out factor has been a little high though. Yesterday I was talking to my neighbor and she said "only a few more weeks, right?". I started to correct her, that it was more like months, then I realized that I'm 33 weeks now, and if they induce at 39 weeks (if I even make it that long...I didn't last time) that leaves me......Oh-My-God-I-Only-Have-Six-More-Weeks!!!!! And then I started to panic..... Panicking about going into labor AND about having an infant at home again.

Symptoms: Tired, tired and tired. The physical therapy has been helping so my back is finally feeling a little
better. Not 100%, but better and my reflux has gone from being pretty bad every single night, to either being fine at night or ridiculously bad at night. I think it's better this way though. At least I sometimes get relief. We propped the head of the bed up a couple weeks ago (like, propped it up a lot) and that has helped tremendously.

Go to clothing: I've been a big fan of my bathing suit lately! Well, not in the way I look in it, but I'm loving Jackson and my time at the pool!

Bring it on. I can't get enough of it.

Baby movement:
I actually googled "can babies move too much" the other day. He has been out of control moving. Like big-swishy-side-to-side-makes-me-want-to-vomit-watch-my-abdomen-change-shape-before-your-eyes kind of movement.

BTW, google said I was fine.....


  1. You look so cute and I love your top!

  2. Your belly is looking great!!! I measured mine last night and I was at 42.5 inches, woah! Thanks for the tip about the hats too! I think I'm going to try that out this week:-)