Monday, August 15, 2011

A love letter, part two

Dear Sweet Baby Gavin,
I love you so much. You are so sweet and laid back and easy. But oh my God you are such a NOISY sleeper! So tonight, I'm kicking you out of our bedroom. I'll miss having you right beside me in your bassinet, but Mommy is SO tired and desperate for a decent nights sleep. I've set up a great crib for you in your nursery. If you need me, cry nice and loud and I'll come to you.



  1. Ha! S is the SAME way! Grunting and making crazy noises...but she's fast asleep! We are thinking about putting her in her crib too, to get some "sleep." Good luck!!

  2. I know! Gavin grunts and wiggles so much in his sleep. I'm such a light sleeper too. I put him in his crib last night without a monitor, I just opened up both of our bedroom doors, so I could hear him when he cries but not when he grunts and wiggles. It worked great. I got a better nights sleep than I have since he was born. Any little bit of sadness or worry is greatly outweighed by getting a decent nights sleep.