Monday, January 31, 2011

Pet Peeve

My husband is good to have around for lots of reasons. He's very handy. He can fix just about anything. And if he doesn't know how to fix it, he will learn. He's a great dad. He's also good at taking care of the gross things that I just can't stomach, especially pregnant. Like emptying diaper pails. Or cleaning up dog vomit. But the one thing that drives me absolutely CRAZY about him? He has this really annoying habit of finishing off the one thing that I really want to eat, then complaining about how crappy it tasted. For example, this past summer I went to a special candy shop and bought some expensive caramel pecan turtles. I had one (or three) in the car on the way home and hid the rest in the back of the pantry. I hid them because I really didn't want to share them with anybody and I wanted to save them for the occasional treat. A few days later I open up the pantry and see the bag sitting out front. I look inside and there is only one left! When I asked Eric if he ate them he said "yeah, but they were kinda stale!" WHAT????!!!!!! So, why did you eat five of them? His answer "I saved you one!"

This morning I still had a headache that's been lingering all weekend. Usually I'll have three Advil and a cup of regular coffee and that will help take the edge off. I can't have Advil pregnant, so I opted for just the coffee this morning. I went to put my creamer in and it was gone! "Eric! Did you use the last of my creamer?" "Yeah, that stuff is gross! It's way too sweet!"

Last week, when he was at work, I went in the fridge for the good kind of pickles. You know, the crunchy kind you find in the deli meat section? Gone. This time when I called him at work to ask him about it (yes, it was that important) he said he did eat them all, but he would stop at the store and buy more. Okay. I'm willing to forgive this offense, because at least he enjoyed the pickles. When he came home that night, he said they were "out". I'm sorry, the store wasn't out of pickles. Now, the offense is becoming less forgivable. But a couple days later he came home from work with these
He's learning....

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  1. Ha! That was pretty funny (not to the person craving the pickles though, of course) :)