Friday, January 7, 2011

A mother's purse

Whenever I'm with someone who isn't a mother of a toddler, they always watch in amazement when I start pulling the most random things out of my purse. I stopped carrying a diaper bag when Jackson stopped using bottles. I've found it's easier to just take what I need and throw it all in a bigger purse. So, I'm revealing the mystery of what is in the depths of this mother's purse.

* not 1, or 2, but 3 pens
* a roll of nickels
* a roll of quarters
* 2 dum-dum suckers and a ring pop
* a fortune cookie
* a hat for Jackson
* my wallet
* a toy phone
* my real phone is always in there too, when we are out, but I took the picture with my phone, so....
* anti-bacterial wipes
* an old, unedible, cutie orange
* sunglasses
* renew lotion (can't live without it)
* chapstick (also, can't leave the house without it)
* gum
* a steamroller
* a fighter jet
* the space shuttle
* an airplane
* a truck
* fruit snacks
* a diaper
* wipes
* his bear (his security object he can't live without right now)
* his binky (also can't live without it)
* 1 sock
* a random stupid kids meal spinny top toy
* a basketball book

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