Thursday, January 27, 2011

How low can you go?

I haven't been "working" for several months now. By "working" I mean getting a regular pay check. Of course it's tons of work to be a 24/7 mom, but unfortunately, toddler kisses don't buy groceries. And I DO have a new build real estate deal in the works, and have for the last several months, but it will probably be several more months before I get a commission from that. So, that leaves me with, exactly, ZERO dollars. Eric works, but we've made our lifestyle so that his check pays for the mortgage, all of the bills, and food. That doesn't leave a lot of wiggle room in the budget for extras. I don't need a lot of extras. None of us do. But sometimes "extras" become necessities. While I'm "not working" I'm trying to make it my job to find money. Either by saving money, or making money. I have my
etsy site that is giving me a teeny tiny bit of extra money here and there. I also have been trying to find a kiddo to watch out of the house, and have my feelers out for part time jobs that wouldn't involve sending Jackson to day care (which is clearly not in the budget). Our spending is pretty much down to zero on a daily basis. We eat in all the time. Eric packs lunches everyday. I rarely leave the house in the car to save on gas money. And Jackson is FINALLY potty trained, so diapers (except for night time) aren't an issue anymore. So, I'm asking YOU. What do you do to save money or make extra money here and there? Are you a coupon clipper? Are you a one car household? Have you stopped eating out? Do you sell your rarely used items on Craigslist? For me, finding ways to save money is almost fun, like a game. (And anyone who's ever played a game with me knows how competitive I am.) Let's help each other out and see where we can find money that didn't exist before!

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  1. we buy less wine/beer...when we do buy, we buy higher quality stuff