Monday, April 18, 2011

Summer Wardrobe

Last weekend, there was a baby and kids consignment sale (they were consigning baby and kid items, not the actual babies themselves) put on by a local mother's group. It's where I got the clickety-clack bouncy seat. Some people might be turned off by used kids clothing. I have to admit that before I had Jackson, I thought I'd never buy used clothes for him either. That is until I packed away tubs filled with clothes he wore once or never when he grew out of his newborn clothes within the first few weeks he was born. What a waste of money. Ever since then, I've filled his wardrobe with about 75% consigned clothes. I still get him the occasional Old Navy outfit, because I really like the adjustable waistbands they offer for my skinny boy. But for the most part, I buy used. I also find that I get a better quality of clothing when I buy used, not to mention the price. I'm kind of picky about what consignment sales I go to and what I buy there. It has to be in good shape, and no stains or tears. This year, I spent $76.80 at the sale and this is what I bought.
Jackson got
13 short sleeved shirts

4 long sleeved shirts
4 sweaters/sweat shirts

11 pairs of shorts

4 pairs of PJs

The new baby got
3 rompers

3 pairs of pants

8 shirts

6 pairs of PJs

2 hats
1 bib

1 snow suit

And I got a couple maternity things for myself
3 shirts
2 pairs of shorts

I'm rather proud of myself for getting so much at such a reasonable price!

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