Friday, April 22, 2011

A new life to an old nursery

When I designed Jackson's nursery, I did it with the idea that I would use it for future babies as well. I chose all gender neutral colors and added a few personal touches just for Jackson. I had no idea that this bear that I designed his room around would become his very special bear that he takes everywhere and sleeps with every night. He has been out of his nursery and in his big boy camping room for several months now but has, of course, taken his bear with him to his new room. The nursery is pretty much ready for the new baby, but I want to make this room special and unique too, without breaking the bank. I'm keeping the crib and the crib sheets, dresser that I use for a changing table, changing pad and both of the pad covers, the shelf above the changing table, and this grid of pictures of family above the crib. (I need to add a picture of his cousin Lily, since she's new since Jackson was born)

I found this retro owl print that I'm going to use as the inspiration to add some different touches to the room. I'll make a bed skirt and blanket to replace the existing ones. (I'll be sure to post about that too, when I do it) And I'm hoping to paint a tree with an owl in this corner, and take off the decal. I don't want to go over the top with the owl theme. Less is more, right?

I really want to get a new rocker. I saw one at Babies-R-Us that is so comfortable, and the recliner that we used before has taken up permanent residence in our family room. (not to mention that it's really not that comfortable)


  1. Several things I love: the grid of family photos, the crib, and the owl print! Very cute!

  2. Thanks Jenn! That grid of pictures is really special to us. Even now that Jackson isn't in that room we still go in there and talk about the family on the wall. It's nice that he knows his family even though we live across the country. I made a book too!