Wednesday, April 6, 2011

22 Weeks

The past couple of weeks have been pretty crazy around here. Eric and Jackson went back home (to Ohio) to see Eric's grandfather. He wasn't doing very well, and ending up passing away while they were there. I joined them for the funeral last week, and that's why I missed the 21 week update. I promise, you didn't miss anything though.

Baby's size: A spaghetti squash. About 11 inches long and almost a pound.

Belly size: About 36 1/2" around my belly.

Cravings: Not many cravings. I woke up on Sunday morning really wanting a doughnut, which I normally hate, but it was really tasty!

Mood: Pretty good. I've been slightly obsessing about the baby's name lately. I still have no idea. I'm totally open to suggestions, too, as long as you are open to me shooting them down.

Symptoms: Ugh. I'm definitely starting to feel really pregnant. My back and feet hurt immensely if I stand or walk for too long. I've been getting more painful contractions lately too. I don't really know how much weight I've gained, and I try not to obsess over it too much. Last time around I didn't obsess over my weight at all, and I didn't really gain that much, but it was still just as hard to lose afterward. I think I've probably gained less this time around (even though I'm bigger in the belly) but that's just because I'm chasing a two year old around all the time, and not because I'm purposefully trying not to gain. With Jackson, I really thought that the weight would just magically come off once I had the baby, and now I know that it will be hard work to get it off. It makes me think twice before eating that bowl of ice cream. (that I always decide on eating anyway) I'm much bigger in the belly this time around. Like, way bigger. Like, people ask me all the time if I'm having twins or if my due date is right. Awesome.

Go to clothing: I've lived in my new pair of Old Navy maternity jeans. I'm either in those, yoga pants, or a skirt or dress everyday now. There is NO flip flopping between regular and maternity anymore. Same with the shirts. Sometimes I can wear a non-maternity shirt under a maternity shirt for layering purposes. I'm big though, and really need to wear maternity full time now.

I've been sleeping good. As long as I can go to bed at a reasonable time. I end up on my back most of the time. That's how I'm most comfortable. But you aren't supposed to sleep on your back when you are as pregnant as I am, so I try to roll to my side. I've even managed to wake up kind of on my belly sometimes. I have no idea how I get in that position.

Baby movement: Lots of movement. Sometimes you can even see them from the outside which is cool and creepy at the same time.

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  1. I'm still ending up on my back when I sleep too. And then I freak out. But it really is the most comfortable position!