Friday, April 8, 2011

I'm ready

Perhaps it's the nesting instinct you get when you are pregnant, or maybe it's because I have the mother I do, but for the past several months I've had an insatiable urge to simplify our house. I'm mostly referring to the stuff in our house, but also the way our house is run. I've always been a rather simple girl. My wardrobe, although abundant, is simple. My sense of humor, although dirty, is simple. My decorating style is simple. My approach to motherhood is simple. Yet, WE HAVE SO MUCH CRAP! Do you know how many sets of mixing bowls we have? Four. Four SETS. Not four bowls. And stored in those four sets of mixing bowls? I have two sets of measuring cups. You know how many bathing suits I have in my closet? Yeah, I don't know either. But I can promise you it's more than I need and more than I can ever wear. I seriously have my swim team suit from middle school stashed away in there! We have a coat closet for the leftover coats in our coat closet. I have three bedding sets for our one bed. Not three sets of sheets, but three entire SETS. Like duvet cover, shams, bed skirt. The whole package. I've used the same set for over three years now, while the other two have sat in the linen closet because they no longer match the room, now that we've painted it. For Christmas/Hanukkah, my in-laws got us a new set of everyday plates. I already had two sets (one from our first house that matched that decor, and one from this house, that matched this decor, but the plates were very chipped and cracked). Those old plates are sitting, packed away in the garage, ready to be sold. You know the last time I even thought about those plates? The day I packed them away and put them in the garage. I completely forgot about them! That's how important they are to me! At first glance, walking into our house, you'd never know how much unnecessary crap we have. It's kept rather clean and simple. But one look into our closets or our garage will tell you the truth. It's like Monica's secret closet on Friends. Through the years we have collected more than we've gotten rid of. We've inherited items from parents and grandparents. We've gotten wedding gifts. We've spoiled ourselves with meaningless kitchen appliances. (I'm looking at YOU Dairy Queen Blizzard maker!)

I think you get the point. We have too much crap. So, I'm getting rid of it! I'm ready for my closets to match the rest of the house. And I'm going to tell you about it as I go. So hang on. This could get interesting........

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