Monday, August 16, 2010

A waxing update:

So, yesterday it had been three weeks since I first tried my hand at waxing. I've gotta say, I've never had such a reaction to a blog. Even my dad said asked me to email him a copy so he could share it with friends. Yeah, not at all awkward.... But people were asking me all kinds of questions, like did it really hurt that bad? Yes. Did I like the results? Yes. Would I do it again? That depends. Would I do what I did before again? No. But I would do it again in a less hairy state. They say that the more you wax, the thinner and more sparse it grows in. So, it has been three weeks. The first two weeks, I was hairless. It was awesome. No razor burn. No bumps. No hair. The third week it started growing back, but much less dense and thick. Honestly, if you stood back about 10 feet and squinted, you might not have even been able to see the hair at all. So I decided last night that I was going to wax it again, before it got too unmanageable. And I've gotta say, I don't have a funny story, because it was no big deal! Really! It was over and done in about 45 minutes, and I didn't even have to get drunk to do it! I'm not even sore today. So, my advise for anyone thinking of trying this at home? Get it done by a professional the first time, then do it yourself every 3 or 4 weeks, or however long it takes to grow out but still be manageable.

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  1. I have no intention of standing back 10 feet and squinting.