Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Just because you can blog doesn't mean you should vlog.

There are several blogs that I read. All but one of them are people I know. The one that I don't know is a really popular blog and she's absolutely hilarious. Well, this blogger recently started vlogging. (video blogging) I've gotta say, just because you are a really funny writer, doesn't make you a funny vlogger. I watched a vlog of her's yesterday and I don't think she's funny anymore, even though she essentially read her blog on video. Her delivery sucks! It was awkward and contrived. I'll still read her blogs, but I'll pass on the videos. I'm not saying I would be any better at vlogging. I wouldn't even try it actually. I don't need to see or hear myself, and I can guarantee that mine would be awkward, because I would be really uncomfortable recording myself. I'll stick to writing and being obnoxious at parties.....

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  1. ha! don't ask me how I ended up here (OK! i needed a picture of Rex!) but I absolutely agree with you on this one. people seem to vlog for no apparent reason and sometimes it's just terrible.. if it doesn't help or enriches the blog in any way, why on earth do they think HAVE to do it ?