Thursday, August 26, 2010

There is nothing funny about having vertigo

There is nothing funny about having vertigo. There is, however, something very funny about watching someone who has vertigo. It's like watching a wasted teenager try and act sober in front of their parents. I've been a train wreck lately. I went to bed Tuesday night feeling a little dizzy. I assumed it was low blood sugar, or I was too tired, or something. Well, I quickly realized there was something more going on when I woke up Wednesday morning, stood up, and fell over. I managed to take a shower, holding on the the walls the whole time. When I got out of the shower I stumbled over to Eric and asked him to take a sick day to take care of me and the boys. (There was no way I could drive myself to the doctor.) He reluctantly agreed, thinking that I was exaggerating my condition. In actuality, I think I was downplaying how bad I really felt. I had Christopher too, so that meant both boys for Eric to take care of. I called the doctor and made an appointment right away. We got the boys ready and Eric drove me to the hospital, where my doctor's office is. Since it was so early, I got in quickly and she took one look in my ears and said there was tons of fluid in them. She gave me a prescription to help with the dizziness and told me to take sudafed around the clock to dry me out. Both of the medicines together knocked me out, but I did feel less dizzy and was able to eat and someone continue on with my life. Since then the dizziness has come and gone and I've slept more than I have in a very long time.

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