Monday, April 5, 2010


I love how kids make you look crazy in public. The other day (and every time I pump gas in my car) I play peek-a-boo with Jackson in the car. I put the pump in the auto pilot mode and duck below the windows and pop up at random places to for him to see me. I actually say "boo" every time too, even though he can't hear me, and he just laughs and laughs! The other day, I was doing that and getting funny looks, like usual. (I don't care that people think I look stupid, I'll never see them again, right?) This one guy, in front of my car was laughing especially hard at me. After finishing at the pump, I get in the car and drive away. About 15 minutes later, I look for my phone and can't find it anywhere! I went home and called my phone with Eric's phone and some guy answers. "Ummmm, I think you have my phone" I say. "Uhhhh, yeah, I think I do" he answers. "I found it at the gas station". Crap! It must have fallen out of my hoodie while playing peek-a-boo and looking like a dumbass. I ask him where he is, he gives me the address to his house and I go and pick it up. It's the same guy that was laughing at me before. So much for never seeing him again......

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