Thursday, April 29, 2010

3500 miles, part 3

After my fabulous weekend with friends, I headed back to Canton to spend time with Jackson and my inlaws. We had a yummy steak dinner Sunday night, put Jackson to bed, and then my mother in law and I stayed up too late chatting, like we normally do. Monday we woke up, got ready and took Jackson to visit his great grandma in a rehab facility. (A physical rehab place, not a drug rehab place ;) After our surprise visit with Great Grandma we went to lunch with Uncle Josh and headed back home to pack up. We had another flight to catch to Boston! Jackson was an angel again on the flight. He had to sit on my lap this time, but as soon as we took off, the man sitting beside us said that he would move seats so we could have both seats. (Hmmmmmm....I wonder why? Let's just say it's because he is so nice and not because Jackson and I are annoying, shall we?) The flight was only about an hour and a half. When we got to Boston, Jackson did a great job pulling his little suitcase and holding my hand. When we met up with my dad, Jackson went right to him and held his hand while we got our bags and walked a very long way to get to the car. He was such a trooper! We loaded up the car, stopped at Cracker Barrel for dinner then went to Dad's house in Pawcatuck Connecticut. The next morning we went to the Aquarium at Mystic Seaport. The weather was gorgeous and Jackson was fascinated by all of the animals. "Whasssaaaat?" he kept on asking. A beluga whale came right up to him, he got to "pet" some sting rays and other fish (which really just means that he stuck his hand in the water while the other kids got to pet them), and most importantly got some good quality time with Grandpa! After the aquarium and a quick nap we headed down to the ocean. My dad lives about 10 minutes from one of the nicest beaches in New England. The weather was great, not quite bathing suit weather, but still really nice. Jackson LOVED the beach. He played in the sand and loved to go down by the water (only if we were holding him though). That night we had a yummy lobster dinner right on the water. Ahhhhh....I love New England! I could definitely live there. The next day we woke up and went back to the beach. The weather was even nicer today. Still no bathing suits, but we were comfortable in what we were wearing.

That night we were planning on putting Jackson to bed and having my dad's neighbor come over and sit with him while he slept, then Dad and I would go to Foxwoods so I could play a little poker. Well, Jackson was NOT okay with this plan and refused to go to bed. Screaming and crying and throwing a fit, so finally Dad and I just left him with the babysitting neighbor and hoped that they were both still alive when we got back. We had a nice buffet dinner at Foxwoods then I got my money stolen from me at the 2/4 hold em table. I played for a long time though, but just got really crappy cards. Oh well, it was fun. We got home from the casino around 2:30 am and Jackson was in bed and the babysitter was sleeping on the couch. Everything worked out fine with them. Thank God! The next morning we packed it up, yet again and headed to meet my sister Mindy, her husband Ryan and their daughter Lily in New York City!

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