Tuesday, April 27, 2010

3500 miles, part 1

I took Jackson on a whirl wind tour of the east for the last 10 days, by myself. We mostly visited family, but I got the chance to leave Jack with the inlaws and head down to southern Ohio to visit some friends for the weekend too. We flew from Denver to Detroit for the first leg. I lucked out that first flight because I asked if they had 2 empty seats next to each other so I could bring his car seat on board. Fortunately, they did so he had a seat all of his own. He is so used to being in a car seat that he just gets it. He doesn't try to get out, he just sits. First leg was great. Jackson had the window, I had the middle and Snoop Dogg was sitting next to us in the aisle. Okay, it wasn't really Snoop, but he could have fooled me with his shiny red eyes. I tried to be nice and sociable, like I always do, but he wasn't having it. Hey, he was flying into Detroit, can you blame him for being in a bad mood and being REALLY high? Anyway, Jackson watched Alvin and the Chipmunks the Sqeakquel and laughed the whole way. Apparently fist pumping, inappropriate booty shaking chipmunks are really funny to a 22 month old....who knew?! (Or maybe Snoop shared a little something with Jackson? Either way, he was chill and I was happy!) We landed in Detroit around midnight and my mom came to pick us up. She lives in Toledo, Ohio. About an hour away from Detroit. After getting our bags, going to the car, installing the car seat, loading up the rest of the crap in the car, stopping to get ice cream (because, in my family, evenings are never complete without ice cream) and driving back to Toledo, it was about 2:00 a.m. Jackson hadn't napped the whole plane trip or the car ride, so was totally DONE by the time we got to Mom's. That was fine. I was tired too. The next morning came way too early, but we all managed to get up and around, pack the car up again, and hit the road to Canton, Ohio. (Where my inlaws live) We stopped in Toledo to visit a friend who had just had a baby, then we were on our way. That day consisted of driving a lot, Jackson spilling an entire bag of rainbow goldfish all over himself, more driving, then finally getting to Canton, eating and going to bed. The next day I got up and headed down to southern Ohio to visit friends..........(to be continued....)

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