Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Mile High Momday: Tips and Tricks!

For today's Mile High Momday, I thought I'd share with you some household tips and tricks I've accumulated.  Many of these have come from my mom, and some of them from the internet.  I didn't invent any of these things, I just use them, and thought you'd like to use them too! 

Stain Remover:
My mom told me about this one.  I don't know where she heard it, or maybe she just made it up herself, but it's always worked for me!  Pile some Cascade dishwasher detergent (the powder kind) on the stain, and then spray it with Shout stain remover.  Take an old toothbrush and make a paste out of it and let it sit on the stain for a while.  After several minutes take your toothbrush and run it under water and scrub the stain.  Work it until the stain comes out.  You might have to repeat this process a couple times, but it will work.  I've gotten ink, tomato stains, blood and everything else you could think of out of clothes with this recipe.  Just be sure to do it before you wash it, or else the stain will set in the clothes.  If that happens, you're on your own!

Granite Cleaner:
I found this recipe online and it's what I've used for several years.  I got so tired of spending an arm and a leg for some specialty granite cleaner.  This one is super cheap to make and works just as well!  You'll need:
     *Quart spray bottle
     *Three drops of Dawn dish detergent
     *1/4 Cup rubbing alcohol
     *Lavender or another scent of your choice (optional)
Pour 1/4 Cup rubbing alcohol into the spray bottle, then add the dawn.  Give it a little swish to mix it.  Then slowly fill the bottle with water.  (You don't want to make the mixture sudsy.)  You can add a few drops of essential oil to make it smell nice, if you'd like.  

Rinse Aid:
I learned this one at the blogging conference I attended, from Amy at The Motherload.  Use Vinegar as a rinse aid in your dishwasher instead of those more pricey name brand ones.  Just pour the vinegar into the rinse aid compartment!

Cloudy Drinking Glasses:
Our dishwasher isn't very good and it's constantly leaving our glasses cloudy.  I was ready to throw them away, and then my mom came to visit.  She soaked them in vinegar for hours and they came out looking new again!

Candle Wax:
If you get candle wax in your carpet or fabric, let it cool, then scrape away as much as you can.  Then take a paper bag and put it over the wax and run a warm iron over the bag.  This will melt the wax right on to the bag and off of your fabric.  Move the bag around so that you are always using a clean section.  

George Foreman Grills:
We had a George Foreman grill that we used constantly, especially in college.  It got so gross and was such a pain to clean that we eventually threw it away.  My mom got us another one this past Christmas (it's not actually George Foreman brand) with removable plates for easier cleaning.  Had I known this little trick before we might not have had to replace it in the first place!
After you're finished cooking, unplug the grill and put a wet paper towel on each of the cooking surfaces.  Let it sit there for several minutes.  It should be much easier to wipe clean after this!

Smashed Down Carpet:
You know when you move your furniture and it leaves dents in the carpet where it was?  To get the carpet standing up again, put an ice cube in the dent.  Let it melt and the carpet will go back up!

Before you wear a new garment for the first time, put a little bit of clear nail polish on the front and backs of the buttons, over the thread.  This will help to keep them from popping off later.  (Usually at a really inappropriate and embarrassing time!)

Put fabric softener sheets in your dresser drawers and linen closet.  This will keep your clothes smelling fresh for weeks!

What helpful household tips and tricks do you use?

P.S. Make sure you use common sense when using these tips.  Try the stain remover in an inconspicuous spot before hand, same with the granite cleaner.  As a matter of fact, using common sense is a good rule, for life in general.  Not just for cleaning.

P.P.S.  Posting on Monday is really hard with  my schedule!


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  1. these are tips michelle! i love the smashed carpet one! thanks :)