Wednesday, September 21, 2011

31 bags in 31 days

This is my kitchen utensil drawer.  Check out all of those whisks!  Who needs that many whisks?  How did I even get all of those?!

I've seen this idea floating around on the internet for a while now and thought it was time I give it a try too.  The idea is that everyday for 31 days (or however many you want/need) you clean out one small area of your house and either throw away or give away a bag's worth of stuff.  My goal is going to be to quickly go through that day's area and purge.  It's going to be hard for me to not re-organize everything after that, but I know that if I do that, it will turn into a big project and then I probably won't get to all the areas.  I'm also going to be traveling for two weeks, right in the middle of this project.  And while I'm sure people would just love for me to go through and get rid of their things for them, I'll be on vacation.  So I'll start it up when I get back.  Some of these projects are bigger than others (cough, closet) so I won't necessarily go in order, but I'll just do the area that I can get to that day.

1. pantry
2. fridge
3. bottom tech center drawer
4. utensil drawers
5. kitchen cabinets
6. cook books
7. under the kitchen sink
8. Jackson's toys
9. basement closets
10. bar area
11. office closet
12. craft supplies
13. linen closet
14. boys bathroom under cabinet
15. laundry room
16. Gavin's closet
17. Jackson' closet
18. boy's books
19. Jackson's room
20. bedroom armoire
21. nightstand
22. shoes
23. closet shelves
24. hanging clothes
25. purses
26. accessories
27. bathroom under cabinets
28. bathroom drawers
29. medicine cabinet
30. coat closet
31. china cabinet

So, is anyone brave enough to do this project with me?


  1. you can give me your extra utensils. i have ONE whisk and ONE spatula. i need more, but my grocery budget is so small i can never bring myself to spend the money to get more. problem solved! :)

  2. p.s. the key to not having more than you need is living in a really small house with seven people! i throw away anything that can't run away from me! ha ha!

  3. Problem solved! I'll send you all kinds of stuff if you want! We've seriously considered downsizing our house. Cleaning a big house is a pain in the butt!