Monday, May 23, 2011

Six Years

This Saturday Eric and I celebrated our sixth wedding anniversary. So much has happened in the last six years. We've built a new house, turned an old house into a rental, and added four more rental properties to our resume. I've stopped teaching and got my real estate license. Eric has continued to excel at his career. And, of course, we've had Jackson and are expecting another one.

For our anniversary we got a sitter
and used a gift card from my mother in law to go to Maggiano's. Dinner was awesome. We were able to eat slowly and stress free. After dinner we stopped at Babies-R-Us to look at some things for the baby. We literally haven't bought a single new thing for this little guy, so we found this cute outfit to take him home from the hospital in. *Side note, I've learned from experience that those really cute outfits are really impractical for taking babies home from the hospital in. Jackson's was an adorable outfit with khaki shorts and a plaid button up shirt. Not only was he way too small to wear a newborn outfit, but it was such a pain to dress him in it. My mom went to the store and picked up some preemie clothes for him to come home in. This time I opted for a short sleeved lightweight sweater material that opens completely, to avoid squishing his little head through the neck hole. I got a newborn size and am hoping it will fit this baby. From the looks of things (measurements and whatnot) he should be fine to fit into newborn sized clothes, but we'll see I guess.

A couple of updates: 1) My three hour glucose test came back fine, as suspected. 2) I think the baby finally turned head down. I feel a lot more kicks up high and I'm less uncomfortable. I even feel little smaller. I measured myself and am, in fact at least an inch smaller than when I measured myself on Wednesday. I think he's just a little more settled now.

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  1. Happy anniversary to you guys as well!

    Glad to hear the glucose test results were as you expected too. Now you can relax!