Thursday, May 26, 2011

29 Weeks

11 more weeks! Actually, my doctor already said she'd induce me at 39 weeks, so I'm looking at no more than 10 weeks from having this little guy outside of my body!

Baby's size:
About the weight of a butternut squash. 2 1/2 pounds and 15 inches from head to heel.

Belly size:
38" around my belly. This is a little smaller than last week. I think it has something to do with him flipping head down.

There are things I want now and then, but nothing that I'm always wanting.

Fine, just really tired all the time.

Symptoms: My back has been hurting a lot this week. Some days (like today) even walking really hurts. Still getting Braxton Hicks more often than not. My reflux has been really bad too. I've been taking medicine every day and Eric propped the bed. I guess it's helping?
I think him flipping head down has given me more room in my stomach too. I've been able to eat a lot more. Unfortunately, now that he's head down, it's pushing on my bladder even more. Which means more trips to the bathroom. The good news is that this will all disappear once this baby is born!

Go to clothing:
I'm really ready for the weather to get nice. We will have a nice day here and there and then it's back to cold and rainy. I have lots of shorts, skirts and dresses I can wear when the weather is good, and one pair of pants I wear when it's bad. I'm OVER my one pair of jeans! Bring on the summer clothes already!!!

I've been sleeping okay. Jackson's been waking up at all hours though, so that's no good. Last night Jackson woke up screaming and crying for a tissue. I got him one and turned on the light and his entire face was bloody. It was a little scary at first, not knowing where the blood was coming from, then I realized it was just a bloody nose, and it had pretty much stopped already.

And I have to get up to pee a couple times through the night.

Baby movement:
I can feel lots more movement now that he's head down again. The other day, I felt him moving and I pulled my shirt up. Usually I can see a lump of something moving under there. This time I saw an actual foot moving across my belly. It was pretty weird actually. He's definitely getting stronger too. The kicks are more like jabs and can sometimes hurt a little.


  1. you are so cute. it's making it really hard for me to like you :)

  2. I can barely tell you're pregnant from the front - lucky!

    I've really ben hoping that I will see a foot move across my belly too. That would be so cool! So far, just lumps though.