Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What I learned on my fall vacation:

I've been home from Ohio for about a week and a half now. I went with Jackson for three weeks. We went to Toledo for a few days, down to Columbus, over to Athens, down to Huntington WV-ish, over to Cincinnati, back up to Columbus, and finally up to Canton. I had a wonderful time visiting everyone and showing Jackson the different places his Mommy grew up. I learned a lot about my little guy too.

1) His behavior is much better for other people. He would be just fine, until I walked in the room, and then he would start whining and crying. I know it's because he spends 99% of his life with me, and he is an only child, but it's still frustrating nonetheless.

2) He is a night owl, just like his Mama. He would easily stay up until midnight every night, if I let him. (I often let him on this trip)

3) He will not, will NOT, go to sleep until he is ready. Most nights he sat in his little pack and play for several hours before going to sleep.

4) He likes older women. A few people we visited have older 3-5 year old girls. Older girls love to boss little boys around and he loved to be bossed around. He would just follow them and do whatever they said. I encouraged this, as we all know, the sooner he learns the "just do whatever your girl says" lesson, the better off he will be.

5) He is drawn to male figures. Whenever there was a man around, that's who he wanted to play with. Probably because they throw him in the air better than me (Uncle Ryan) or fly airplanes better than me (Grandpa and Uncle Josh) or shoot hoops better than me (Nate). Interestingly enough, none of them seemed to be around when it was time to change a poopy diaper.....

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