Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Happy Birthgiving!

Thanksgiving is a special holiday in our house. My husband is from a Jewish holiday celebrating family, and I am from a Christian holiday celebrating family. Thanksgiving is the one big holiday that we both celebrate. We also have other special memories tied to Thanksgiving, like marching in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade when we were in our college marching band together. We told Eric's family we were expecting a baby when we were celebrating Thanksgiving at his parent's house. When we first moved out to Colorado from Ohio, we had our own little Thanksgiving in our little apartment. My mom flew out for it, and my cousin, her husband and their brand new born baby came. My sister and her husband had just moved to New York City and she was hosting a Thanksgiving dinner at her new place too. We were sending pictures back and forth and tried to make it like we were together for Thanksgiving, like we always have been. Every year since, we have always had Thanksgiving at our house. That first year we had company, but usually it was just Eric and me. We wouldn't go light on the feast, just because it was only two of us, either. We go all out. Every year. Even the years when we would be out of town for Thanksgiving day, we would always come back home and have our own Thanksgiving just the two of us. Then the two of us became the three of us. And, this year, we are hosting a real, honest to goodness, grown up Thanksgiving. Complete with ten hungry people. Eric's mom, dad, brother and brother's girlfriend are all flying in for the holiday. We are also having some family friend's over for the feast.

Anyone who knows me knows that I don't just kinda host something. I go all out. I've already got the menu, place settings and timing all figured out. (Although I'm still not sure if I want to try frying a turkey for the first time this year....any suggestions?) But this year, as well as a few other years of my life, my
birthday falls on Thanksgiving day. I don't like it when my birthday is on Thanksgiving. No one notices it's your birthday when they are all on a triptophan high. My 21st birthday was on Thanksgiving. Hangovers and turkey don't mix. I don't expect a giant party every year, but a "happy birthday" or a "hey, let's go have a special dinner" is nice. Instead I get "Happy Thanksgiving, oh, is it your birthday too?!" and "Everything is closed today, so your birthday dinner is....turkey". But this year I'll make the most of it. I'm going to go out and buy myself a birthday cake (one that I don't have to make myself) and make everyone sing happy birthday to me, and maybe even wear funny hats. So there!

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