Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Heart vs Brain

"Sometimes the heart should do things without the brain's permission" ~a picture from World Market

So, I watched The Notebook last night. I had never seen that movie or read the book before. I figured that it would be some overly sappy love story, which it was, but I still loved it. It's a story, like many other love stories, where someone is faced with the decision of following their heart or their mind. In the movies, they always choose heart. (Except for Bridges of Madison County.....DAMN YOU MERYL STREEP! She followed her mind, and not her heart and lived a mediocre life of dreaming and wishing she was somewhere else, with someone else. See?) And in the movies it always works out for the better for follow your heart. It got me to thinking though, is it really better to always follow your heart? I've always been a very logical person. I almost always do the logical thing, thinking through all the possibilities and choose the one that makes the most sense in the long run. NOT the choice that makes my heart feel all ooey and gooey. I figure, those ooey gooey feelings will eventually subside, and what are you left with? An illogical choice. I'm not just talking about love. I'm talking about all of those difficult life decisions. I prefer to live in reality, and not a fairy tale land of "happily ever after". I wonder though, what if I did live in my heart all the time? Are people truly happier making their decisions with their heart? Tell me what you think......

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  1. I think most of us don't have an option about that decision making process....that's what makes us who we are, so those of us that "think" it through have always done that and so the results are just what they are. The same would be true for the "feelers"...it is just how it works for them, so when things aren't logical, they wouldn't know the difference. Sometimes, though, the heart says some really good things.....one of these times maybe I'll go with that and let you all know what happened.