Monday, October 31, 2011

Mile High Momday: Halloween Happiness

Happy Halloween!  I'm not really one for scary Halloween stuff, so in lieu of that, here are a few of my favorite fun Halloween things.

One of the great things about a baby is that they have no opinion.  Once your kid gets older, they have an opinion about everything, so I took this opportunity to decide for Gavin what kind of pumpkin he would have this year.  And he decided he wanted a polka dot pumpkin.  It sounds like it might be hard to carve dozens of tiny holes in a pumpkin, but in reality, it was one of the easiest pumpkins I've ever carved.  
And I'll let you in on the secret.  I used a drill with a 7/8 inch spade bit.  Shhhhhhh..... It's so easy, I almost felt like I was cheating.
I made this pumpkin a few years ago for a Halloween play date.  It's just a big piece of felt cut out in the shape of a pumpkin.  Then I cut out different shapes of black felt so the kids could make their own pumpkin face.  The felt sticks to itself so it's really easy to move it around and change it. 
Jackson thinks it's hilarious to make the pumpkin have a funny face!

See this adorable baby in a pumpkin?  Cute, right?
I saw this on Pinterest,  and thought "how hard could it be?"  You  cut two holes in a pumpkin and put a baby in it.

And that's how it started.  Until I put the baby in the pumpkin.....
Apparently, pumpkins are cold.  Sorry buddy.  Maybe I'll try again today.  Inside.  After I've adequately warmed the pumpkin.  (So, this one didn't work out.  But I still love the idea, so I included it in the post.)
I make these fun aprons for just about every occasion.  Here's my Halloween one.  They are super easy (if you know how to sew, that is).  I got the original pattern from One More Moore.

And finally, I can't go a Halloween with out making these puppies....errrr....dogs.  Mummy dogs, actually.  Pillsbury crescent rolls wrapped around a hot dog.  What's not to love? And we remember how much my family loves crescent rolls, don't we?

So, what are your favorite Halloween things?


  1. hahaha Thanks for sharing this at the Pinterest challenge! Your baby in the pumpkin just made me laugh out loud. Reminiscent of my sister's baby screaming his head off in his bat costume this weekend. :-)

  2. Love your baby in a pumpkin fail!! So cute. I am going to have to check out that apron tutorial too. I am trying to find more time to sew and I need some easy stuff to do. My kids and I tried out a Pinterest-inspired Halloween door decoration. You can check it out here> if you want.

  3. I was browsing through the link at the party at YHL and saw your fail picture. Too funny! I wouldn't of thought it would be cold either! I saw that someone else linked up the same pumpkin picture they did from pinterest, it must of been a popular pin :)

  4. I think it was a popular pin. I have no idea how they got those babies to be happy about sitting in a cold, wet pumpkin. Naked. I did try again the next day, inside, with the baby fully clothed. Although it's not as cute as a naked baby (after all, is anything cuter than a chubby diapered baby?)I'm glad I got something.

  5. Aw, the crying pic is just as cute as the original. Maybe b they b lined the pumpkin before they put the baby in? Or could it be a Funkin?