Friday, February 26, 2010

Babies Everywhere!

There is a group of moms that all had their babies within a couple months of me. We've been having playdates since the kids were about 6 months old. It's great to get together as mothers and have our kids play together too. I hosted the playdate today. What fun! Today there were 11 kiddos, ranging in ages 22 months to 4 months old, and 8 moms. Let the sanitizing begin! The most amazing part of getting together with these moms is how many are pregnant, or have already had babies since our first babies were born. I have one other friend in this group that either isn't pregnant or hasn't had a baby within the last 6 months. It must the my age and the people I choose to hang out with, but it just seems like so many! I went to a girls night on Saturday and found out 2 of my friends were pregnant. I already knew 3 of the girls there that were pregnant. Then at the playdate today, I found out 2 more were pregnant. Holy Babies Everywhere!

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