Monday, December 10, 2012

Not Dead

I'm not dead you guys.  I had no intention of waiting three months to post again, but life has been completely insane around here, and I haven't been able to form coherent sentences, let alone write them down for the world to see.  So, if there's anybody left out there reading this, (hi Mom!) I'm still here.  And I'll give you an update.  

On September 30, we packed a Uhaul filled with our most prized possessions.  Then we looked around our house and realized that the other half of our prized possessions were still not packed.  So we got ANOTHER Uhaul and packed that one. 
It was stressful and sad and it sucked and it's not something I ever want to do again.  We loaded our cars on the trailers and towed them with the Uhauls. With two Uhauls towing two cars, two kids, two dogs and three adults (my mom made the drive with us) we made the 1300 mile trek to Alabama.  I'm not sure I've ever been as tired as I was those several days of packing, driving, then unpacking. 

We've been here for over two months now, and in that two months we've gone on a weekend trip to Ohio for homecoming, and we made a 12 day trip back to Colorado.  We had a ski trip planned before we knew we were going to move and really wanted to still go.  Plus we had some unfinished business in Colorado that we needed to attend to.  
So we are here, but have been doing so much that we aren't  really here, if that makes sense.  

 We are almost completely moved into our new home.  It still needs a lot of decorating.  It's big and has a huge yard.  Eric hates the amount of leaves he has to get rid of, and has already completely changed his mind about "living in the woods".  Jackson is in a new school, and he is liking it.  We decided to put him in the older threes class (even though he's four) and wait to send him to kindergarten, but that's a whole other blog post.  Gavin is still happy Gavin.  And I'm surviving.  I'm honestly trying to not give it too much though on "if I like it here".  Moving again isn't an option at this point, so I'm just trying to live my life and make new friends and I'll decide later if I like it or not.  I'm busy with the boys and turning our new house into a home and that consumes most of my time. 

There are a few surprises that I've found here: 

*It's not as warm here as I thought it would be.  There are more warm days than in Colorado, for sure, but it can also get into the 20's at night. (I know, I know....just wait til summer comes around)

*I need to get over waiting in long lines at a store for the cashier to finish their conversation with the customer in front of me.  It's just what they do here. 

*I thought I'd stick out like a sore thumb with my non-Southern-Yankee-accent, but that's not the case.  Not everyone talks with a Southern accent here.  In fact, I'd say only about half the people I talk to have an accent.  I guess this is a pretty transient area, and lots of people that live here aren't from here.

*It's definitely not what I pictured when I pictured Alabama.  It's just a regular town.  It reminds me of almost every town in Ohio, really.  (I've also been told that it's that way here, but if you venture too far out of Huntsville, you'll definitely get a good helping of stereotypical  "Alabama".)

*Roll Tide!  (It's the only way to survive around here.) 

I'm going to try to get back on the blogging ball.  Maybe even post some new tutorials soon! 

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