Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I hit the baby jackpot

Gavin is 7 months old.  Where has the time gone? 
I know everyone likes to brag about how great their baby is, but seriously, I have the best baby in the whole world.  I thought Jackson was a good baby, and he was pretty good, but Gavin?  He is so laid back and easy going. 
He sleeps through the night.  (Really through the night.  From 8:00pm - 7:00am)  He only cries when he's hungry or poopie.  And even then, his cry is more of a whimper.  He eats.  I can take him anywhere.  I'm in the honeymoon phase of babyhood.  Don't get me wrong.  I know it won't always be like this.  I know what lies ahead.  Having a toddler is enough to bring even the best mommy to tears in seconds.  That's why I'm trying to take this all in and live it up for all it's worth. 
Having such a relaxed and easy going baby isn't without it's problems.  Gavin is, how should I put this?  Lazy.  Content. 
He's so content that he's not even rolling over yet.  Yes, that's right.  My 7 month old is not rolling over.  He has rolled over a handful of times from his belly to his back.  And he's sitting up like a champ.  But he isn't rolling over from his back to his belly.  He gets 95% of the way there, then rolls back over to his back. 
I'm not too worried about him though.  I think he's capable, he just doesn't really want to.  And besides, look at how big his head is.  That can't make it easy on him!
Also, the boy loves to jump in his jumperoo.  I mean, he really has at it.  He could jump until he falls asleep (and has many times).  It's quite funny to see him in action. 
I'm pretty sure this means I can never have another baby.  If I do, I'm bound to get a difficult one.  It's only fair. 
I could kiss those little lips, and look into those deep blue eyes all day long!
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  1. He's SO handsome! You are a very lucky mama;-)

  2. hi! I'm hopping over from Jade's blog. I read your comment, I totally agree! I wasn't able to bf very long and I still feel like people look at my weird in public with a bottle! :) Your baby is a cutie! :)

    Megan @

  3. Thanks Megan! Welcome! I took a look at your blog too. It looks like we have a lot in common as far as our babies, crafting, and cooking. (I used to be a teacher as well!) Thanks for your comment.