Tuesday, December 14, 2010

What I REALLY want for Christmas...

So, I decided to make a Christmas list for you, since I know you are dying to get me something, and I don't want you to waste your money on socks for me....again.

My 2010 Christmas list:

* A full night's sleep. Jackson hasn't slept through the night for several weeks now.

* A clean house, without me cleaning it.

* A quiet/unrushed meal.

* My sister and her husband and my dad, here for Christmas. It's been way too long since we've all been together for Christmas Day. (my mom is already going to be here, that's why she's not on the list)

* To use the bathroom without a two year old standing beside me, narrating.

* Well behaved, sweet dogs.

* A day of guilt free, and cost free pampering.

* A vacation. Like, a REAL vacation. Not visiting friends or family somewhere, but lounging on a beach, or site seeing in Italy, and Jackson at one of his Grandma's houses.

* A magical job where I can work OUT OF THE HOUSE and only on the weekends, so I don't have to pay for daycare. You'd think this would be easy to come by, given my college degree and charming personality, but apparently, companies expect you to work during the week too.

* Diamonds